Think a 15 minute walk is pointless? It isn’t!

Several researches have shown significant benefits of physical activity which keeps the blood flow in the body intact and the heart healthy. A new study has found the key to control type-2 diabetes, particularly in older adults. A 15-minute stroll after every meal can significantly reduce the blood sugar levels in the body and help minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The study found that 15-minute walks after each meal were more effective than a continuous walk up to three hours following an evening meal.

Not to mention, you can help a charity while at it!

(via A 15-Minute Walk After Every Meal Can Control Type-2 Diabetes In Older People)

Its’s hard to think of one disease that is not affected by physical activity. Take the two major killers: heart disease and cancer. The heart requires exercise to grow properly. Exercise increases the peripheral arteries and decreases your cholesterol levels; it decreases your risk of heart disease by at least half.

Breast cancers and many other reproductive tissue cancers also respond strongly to exercise. Other factors being constant, women who have engaged in regular vigorous exercise have significantly lower cancer rates than women who have not. Colon cancer has been shown to be reduced by up to 30 percent by exercise. There are also benefits for mental health—depression, anxiety, the list is incredibly long

Daniel Lieberman, evolutionary biologist (via charitymiles)
The average office worker spends around 16 hours in meetings each week. That’s over 800 hours a year. For a grand total over an entire career of—are you sitting down?—37,440 hours of meetings. That’s more than 4 years of your precious time…

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Have you tried a walking meeting yet? If not, you should!

(via charitymiles)

(via charitymiles)

Tried Capitol Satay in Melaka… So bomb! :)

The Mu Parlour makes everything better! (at Mu Parlor)

Wrapped up a magical break with a Swedish massage in Cebu. :) oh my this weekend was heavenly.

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